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Heart Journey Christian Counseling, LLC (HJCC)
is a Christian-based, professional counseling, inner healing, & teaching center
that relies on the counsel of the Holy Spirit and biblically sound best practices
to empower adults and couples
to live abundantly free

in their thoughts, emotions, health, and relationships.

Anger, Anxiety & Fear, Depression, Grief & Loss, Marital Conflict, Parenting Issues,
Self Esteem, Shame & Guilt, Spiritual Development, Trauma


Come Discover the Keys to Your Peace, Joy, & Freedom!

Serving Adults and Couples

He Heals the Broken Hearted and Bandages Their Wounds. Psalms 147:3


Very caring, stayed focused on my need. Soft spoken, not abrasive, so it didn't feel like a session. She knew the Word of God and knew how to use scriptures.

I wanted to say how impactful yesterday's session was for me. Being able to have your lens to borrow gives me a different perspective on so many things. I know you are doing your job but I wanted to emphasize how well you do it. You started off by syaing you are not sure if what you are about to say is the right thing and it was. Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to work through you as you do. It isn't always easy to hear but you are usually right. Thank you for the encouragement and wisdom. I was in dire need yesterday. 

It was amazing! I received more than what I expected. The love and kindness shown toward me in what I was experiencing surprised me. Very warm, pleasant, personal. Very beneficial.