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Finding the Right Therapist


The process of finding the right therapist should not be taken lightly; this is the person with whom you are going to trust with your pain, regret, shame, challenges, and hopes.  Choose a few questions to help you determine if your potential therapist will be a good fit for you.


Choosing a Counselor:


  • Pray that God leads you to the right counselor.

  • Ask questions about their personal values, beliefs, & credentials.

  • Be honest about what you are looking for in a counselor.

  • Choose someone who has expertise in the area that brings you into therapy.

  • Choose someone you can relate to, trust, & feel comfortable talking to.

  • Choose someone with similar values & beliefs as you.


Questions about Christian Faith:


1.  Are you recognized and recommended by the local church community?

2. What church do you attend? Do you attend regularly? What activities are you involved with in church?

3. Who is your pastor or leader? Do you feel comfortable with me talking with your pastor or leader?

4. Do you have a statement of faith? Determine if her/his beliefs conflict with yours.

5. What do you believe about marriage & divorce?

6. Do you encourage reconciliation & offer therapeutic services to couples towards the end?

7. Do you use prayer & scripture in your practice?


Questions about Training and Credentials:


1. What licenses or certifications qualify you as a therapist?

2. What counseling issues do you feel you are best trained to handle?

3. What counseling issues do you refer to another therapist?

4. What is your experience in working with my issue?

5. Do you have special education or training in working with my issue?

6. Do you see much success in working with my issue?


Questions about the Therapy Process:


1. How frequently should we meet?

2. How long do you expect my course of therapy to last?

3. What should I expect to happen during therapy?

4. In cases similar to mine, how have you determined that therapy has been successful?


Questions about Therapist Availability:


1. Where is your office located?

2. What days and times are you available?

3. Are you reachable during a crisis?


Questions about Cost:


1. How much do you charge for therapy sessions?

2. Do you accept insurance?  Are you a provider in my network?

3. Do you offer a sliding fee scale or discounts?  If so, what are the requirements?


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