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" Marriage is hard work. Divorce is hard work. Choose your hard." Author Unknown


Premarital Counseling


One of the most important decisions you will make in your life is who you will marry.  Receiving godly, premarital counsel before getting married could save you from a lot of heartache and disappointment and result in a satisfying and joy-filled marriage partnership. 


HJCC tailors your premarital sessions using PREPARE/ENRICH, a customized assessment tool that is completed online prior to your first session.  It is one of the most widely used assessments for premarital counseling.  

Premarital Counseling Can Help Couples:

  • Discover God’s design for marriage, sex, & family

  • Evaluate if & why God brought you together

  • Explore your strength & growth areas

  • Explore roles & responsibilities

  • Explore parenting styles

  • Understand & embrace personality differences

  • Explore family-of-origin issues, patterns, assumptions, & traditions

  • Identify & manage major stressors

  • Determine healthy boundaries with in-laws, extended families, & blended families

  • Strengthen communication & conflict resolution skills

  • Discuss financial planning & budgeting

  • Develop personal, couple, & family goals


Premarital services are customizable to fit your budget and time constraints. Contact Malika to discuss your options. 


Also, note that Georgia State Code states that marriage licenses provided to couples who have completed a qualifying premarital education program will be discounted.  This premarital package meets the requirements to receive that discount.  


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