Malika King, LPC, BCCC

"Malika has the unique gift of using her creativity and calm demeanor to turn seemingly negative interactions into powerful teaching opportunities."

Delmar Terry, LCSW


My Heart


God has chosen me to help liberate others from their past, wounds, and trauma and to restore them to health and wholeness: spirit, soul, and body. I am in awe that God has entrusted me with the hearts of His people.


I, therefore, use the Holy Bible as the foundation that guides and instructs me to optimally serve and support you. My aim is to bridge the gap between professional counseling, inner healing, and pastoral care.

Many say that I have a peaceful, nurturing, mother-like quality that makes others feel safe enough to take their mask off and reveal the broken pieces. 

It is an honor to hear people's stories. My heart’s desire is for each of you to know God intimately, know your value in Christ, find your voice, and live out rich purpose-filled lives.

My Experience and Expertise

I have a unique set of training and experiences that have shaped me into a gifted and seasoned counselor and prove valuable in the therapeutic relationship:  

  • Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Board Certified Christian Counselor

  • Licensed Minster

  • Sozo Inner Healing Prayer Minister

  • Certified PREPARE/ENRICH Facilitator

  • Trained in Anger Management

  • Trained in Trauma Focused CBT

  • Trained in Strategic Trauma and Recovery

  • Completed Course Work toward a Doctorate in Education Leadership Program, All But Dissertation - Argosy University Atlanta

  • M.A. in Professional Counseling-                Argosy University Atlanta

  • M.A. in Biblical Studies -                            Charis Bible College Atlanta

  • B.A. in Social Relations -

      Michigan State University

Prior to being in private practice, I counseled children, adolescents, families, couples, and adults in various settings including individual homes, hospitals, community agencies, a substance abuse day treatment center, and the Department of Family and Children Services.  

Beyond Counseling


Beyond counseling, I am a dedicated wife and mother of many, including two college aged children that I homeschooled, three adult stepsons, and several adult foster sons. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, watching good movies, reading, organizing, learning about Jesus, serving in my local church, and laughing with family and friends. 

Life Lessons


Just like you, I have my own heart journey and have learned many lessons along the way, including: 


Lean into discomfort;

it is the place of dependence on God.


Courageous means doing it scared.


Happiness and success in life are a

by-product of intimacy with God.


Dance with God and

allow Him to lead EVERYTHING.


Practice being aware of God’s presence;

He calls you home. 

Gratitude allows you to clearly see; without it, you wear filtered lens.


Laugh a lot.


Pursue and protect your peace.


Forgive quickly.


Enjoy the gift of now.


"He Heals the Broken Hearted & Bandages Their Wounds." Psalms 147:3