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Group Counseling


"Group counseling is a powerful opportunity that helps you find your voice,

realize you are not alone and learn healthy ways to relate to yourself and others." 

Malika King, LPC 


Trauma and Abuse Recovery Group


Are you hurting but don’t know why?  Has something really bad happened to you in the past that is still affecting you today?  Perhaps what you have experienced is psychological trauma.  You can overcome your past, let go of your survival responses, and begin to live abundantly free.  


Strategic Trauma and Recovery: A Source-Focus Model for Healing (STAR) is used in this group.  It is a spiritually integrated model that invites you to acknowledge that you cannot heal yourself but must surrender to the healing process of God. 


Phase One 

Phase One is a psycho-education class for people who are interested in learning more about trauma and abuse and how to resolve it.  Participants are not expected to share personal stories of trauma, although there are opportunities to share some feelings and thoughts. This class repeats every six weeks.  Contact Malika for information and to register.  


Phase Two

Phase Two is a therapy group for people who have completed Phase One individually or in class. Only eight people are invited to attend this ongoing group.    

Anger Management Groups


HJCC offers two Anger Management Groups: 

  • Choice-Based Anger Control for Adults (Ages 18+)


  • Choice-Based Anger Control for Teens (14 -  17)


These 8-week groups are based on the Choice-Based Anger Control Program with the assumption that anger is a choice that has been made over and over again until it becomes an automatic response or habit.   Most habits tend to operate below our awareness—meaning we react without considering our choices. These group will assist you in taking greater responsibility and accountability for your anger and managing your emotions.  They will empower you to take control of your life by developing strategies and techniques to calm the anger within. 

Group Components:



Understanding the Anger Habit

Recognizing your Hot Spots

Anger & Self-Talk

Communication Styles

Assessing your Anger Style

The Cost of Anger

Origins of your Anger Response

Stress Management & Anger

Taking Care of Your Anger

Developing Emotional Intelligence



The Choice-Based Anger Control program may not be suitable for individuals experiencing serious mental health problems.

Contact Malika for information and to register.

Learn to Calm the Storm Within!

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