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 Charis Bible Studies


Dig Deeper into God's Unconditional Love and Grace


Spirit, Soul, and Body is a foundational truth to understand how much God loves you and believing what He says about you in His word. Each person is made up of three different parts: spirit, soul, and body. Learn how these three parts relate to God and to each other. At salvation your spirit is totally changed, but your soul and body is not yet redeemed. This series will teach you how to release the life that is already in your spirit, into your physical body and emotions.


Topic: Spirit, Soul, and Body by Andew Wommack


When: Saturdays at 9:00am

Cost: FREE

Group Leader: Malika King

Location: Fayetteville, GA

Registration Required at

(Click Bible Studies - Find a Study - Georgia - Malika King/Fayetteville - Register) 

Open to the community. Space is limited. Childcare is not provided.












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