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Homeschool Consulting


"Relax and know that you are equipped to educate your children." 

Malika King, LPC


I have had the honor and privilege of homeschooling my two teenage children, ages 15 and 13 for the last six years.  On our homeschool journey, I have researched and gained some insights that may be helpful for new families considering or beginning homeschooling.  I am here to help you figure out the best way to educate your family with confidence, whether it is homeschooling or unschooling.   


Although homeschooling can be challenging, for us it has been fruitful and fun.  My children and I are amazingly close and enjoy each other’s company (most of the time).  They are discovering and pursuing their goals of becoming an author and electronic engineer.  


My decision to homeschool was motivated by my desire to remain the greatest influence in their heart, develop intimacy with God, learn to hear His voice clearly, be spirit-led, and pursue their God-given gifts and talents.  The biggest lesson I learned is that my children are His workmanship and not mine.  I am learning to trust God, as I seek His specific, hand-drawn, customized blueprints for my children’s lives.


Your reason to homeschool may be vastly different than mine.  I encourage all potential homeschool and active homeschool families to become explicitly clear about ‘why’ they homeschool.  This will keep you grounded in those moments you feel alone and inadequate. 


I'm Here to Help You:


  • Understand and articulate your why

  • Courageously jump into the world of homeschooling or unschooling

  • Figure out your homeschool philosophy & method

  • Match your family interests, strengths, & values with resources & curriculum

  • Plan & organize your day, year, or home

  • Learn how to meet your homeschool goals within a budget


   I offer homeschool consultation via phone, email (includes up to 3 detailed emails), or in person.  




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